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Anticipating Spring at the Great Dane Sanctuary

Is spring on the other side of the fence?! Everyone at the Great Dane Sanctuary is patiently waiting and eagerly anticipating spring!

Blue looking to see if spring is on the other side of the fence

At the Great Dane Sanctuary, we know that we have to hunker down for winter. The dogs get extra blankets, extra toys, etc., to add enrichment during those long winter days.

This ensures they stay comfortable and have lots to do while they play indoors. Our Great Danes prefer to not be outside too long during the winter months, and who can blame them?

This sometimes means somebody gets grouchy, as one does with cabin fever. Boredom sets in and Maddie and I have to be very diligent watching for any possible aggression.

Then Spring comes!

The dogs get to run outside again and everyone gets along better.

We’re really looking forward to getting some projects done around the sanctuary. This year, we are planning on building a platform for the dogs to enjoy outside. We will be looking for some funding, but this will be a platform for the dogs to get up on and enjoy the view, while staying outside in the sunny breeze. Think of king of the hill when you were a child. Nothing can beat the king of the hill. They currently take turns on the platforms inside the sanctuary kennel, and now they will have a place outside as well.

The Great Danes will love it!

The ‘Barn’ also needs a spanking new coat of stain to keep things in shape and prevent mold and rot on the wood. We take pride in how the Sanctuary looks and know all of our supporters do too.

The flowers will start to pop up, the general maintenance will be done and the dogs will be enjoying the sun on their faces more hours every day when it starts warming up. We still have a good foot of snow outside, but the pockets of land are beginning to show.

The anticipation for Spring at the Great Dane Sanctuary is definitely in the air and we are all excited to spend more time in the sun!!

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