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Volunteers are the backbone of any rescue program. Without volunteers a rescue will not succeed. Whether it is an hour a month or several hours a day you can donate, there is a job waiting for you.

There are many more opportunities for volunteering, the list is endless.

Contact our volunteer coordinators for more information at

Non-Fostering Volunteers

Would you like to be part of the group that sets up our events and fund raisers? Do you think outside the box and enjoy working with people? Then the events/fundraiser committee might be just the thing for you.

Home Visits

This is one thing that we always need help with. We go into the homes of families looking to foster or adopt. This helps us gauge the ability to care for a Great Dane and ensure they have a happy, healthy, safe, committed home. Our Foster and Adoptions Coordinator will give you everything you need to make this a successful task!

Reference Checks

Honestly, one of the easiest but often the most time consuming as it takes so long for some people to circle back with us. However, it’s one of the most important. Do their family, friends, veterinarian feel that they are an outstanding candidate to foster or adopt? Our Foster and Adoptions Coordinator will ensure you have all necessary information to tackle these.

Data Entry

This is what most seem as more of a daunting task but there is always work to do! If you’re computer savy and want to help make notes in our different databases, we’d love to have you!


Transporting Great Danes is pretty rewarding but often challenging. These Danes coming into our care and leaving their owners are often stressed and upset, and other times you’re saving them from a horrible life and breaking them free. It gives you a time to bond with a beautiful creature and be that bridge between their old life and new one. We take in Great Danes throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and often times just outside the border and into boardering states.


We don’t have enough trainers! At least right now, we don’t have any really. Non that are professionals anyways. It’s often one of the more expensive pieces to the rehab puzzle as well. The Great Danes we take into care often need training and guidance and having someone professional would be a huge help for our group!


We attend and host different events throughout the year where we seek people to just attend, and advocate for our group. If you have a friendly dane, we’d love for them to join us! We never expect anyone to exceed past what they are comfortable, even if it’s just stopping by, we’re happy to see you.


Another backbone to our rescue group is fundraising. If you have any fundraising ideas or ways to contribute we’re open to discussion. If you thrive at putting fundraising events together, we’d love your passion.

If you’re looking to join our fun group of Great Dane lovers, we’d be happy to have you. You can find the link our volunteer application below!