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Make a Donation

Our rescue and our sanctuary run solely off of donations. Between the food, veterinary bills, the Great Dane Sanctuary itself, payroll, etc it takes a lot of money to keep the rescue working. Consider making a donation to show your support, donate today!

Donate Items

Amazon Wishlist:

We are always in need of supplies up at the Great Dane Sanctuary!
Purchasing wishlist items here

Food: Chewy Delivers!

You can order right from Chewy here!

Ship To:
8238 Waldora Rd
Siren, WI 54872

Monetary Donation 

These can be made via:

Honestly, we cannot thank you enough for being supportive of who we are and what we do! Every donation counts, big or small, we want you to know it matters.

If you have ideas of fundraisers or ways to donate, feel free to reach out to our team as we are always looking for ideas.

Thank you!