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Do you have a love for Great Danes? Always wanted a Great Dane? You’re in the right spot! Join us in #savingdanes by saving a life, adopt a Great Dane.


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Great Dane Friendly Rentals

Great Dane Friendly Rentals

Thinking you’re needing to surrender your dane because you can’t find Great Dane friendly rentals or housing? Or maybe you’re just here looking for additional resources as you’re searching for a place to live with your dane. I understand the battle. I personally have gone from apartment to my parents, to a townhome back to …

We’re on Patreon

We’re on Patreon

TL;DR version – News about our Patreon account! Please read the long version!  Donate anywhere between $3/month and $50/month!!! Hi, it’s Meg, one of the co-founders of the Great Dane Sanctuary. It seems like forever since I posted, but my position on the board of the Rescue has kept me hopping. While still on the board, I …

Bloat In Great Danes

Bloat In Great Danes

The most common fear in Great Dane owners is one word, bloat. I’m here to help dane owners understand bloat in Great Danes. If you have a Great Dane and haven’t heard of bloat, torsion, or GDV then listen up, you’re going to want to hear this. Bloat is one of the top causes of …