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We’re on Patreon

TL;DR version – News about our Patreon account! Please read the long version!  Donate anywhere between $3/month and $50/month!!!

Hi, it’s Meg, one of the co-founders of the Great Dane Sanctuary. It seems like forever since I posted, but my position on the board of the Rescue has kept me hopping. While still on the board, I am finally back working with and for my beloved sanctuary as the Coordinator between GDROMN (who pays the bills) and the Dane Farm.

Those old-timers who have been around since the beginning might remember my campaign way back when that I called “The 300.” It was my effort to help cover the costs of our paid employees at the Sanctuary and was mildly successful for quite awhile.  We had grown to bringing in about $1500 a month, which was half of what we needed at the time.

Throughout the year, our money comes from GDROMN, and rehoming ADOPTABLE Great Danes that have been surrendered to the rescue.  However with more adoptable danes coming into rescue needing funds for vetting, that takes away from what we allocate for the Sanctuary. Outside of vetting costs, we also struggle with the ebbs and flows of event availability in the winter to keep the funds coming in. Unlike most rescues in the midwest, we do have employees here that we pay and value so much but stressing if we can get enough funds for payroll and Sanctuary needs is stressful. 

What is our biggest need? Consistent funding on a monthly basis. 

Some of you might know about our new Patreon account. What is Patreon?

Patreon is a membership platform that connects content creators with fans and supporters. Mainly, it offers financial tools that let supporters subscribe to projects that give creators a predictable income stream as they continue to create content.


We provide pictures, videos, stories and other content about our Sanctuary (and adoptable rescue) dogs and you commit to a set donation monthly based on a tier suitable for you.

What do we suggest?

Club 250

This is the high roller for us!! If we can get 250 supporters to pledge $20/month, we know we’ll make payroll every month!! 

For your donation, which is tax deductible BTW, you get:

  • Getting timely updates of recent intakes before our public social media followers
  • Behind the scenes photos of Sanctuary dogs, and videos of our Foster Dogs from our Foster Families
  • Vetting updates and adoption announcements prior to our public social media pages
  • Behind the scenes of fundraising events
  • Community chat with us in Patreon

$3 Support

We know that not everyone is able to support us at a high level, but they’d still like to make a difference.  This lower tier is for all of you who have told us that a Great Dane Sanctuary was your dream, but one you are not able to follow through with. 

Please consider following this way.

Just because you believe in us and want to see us succeed, with no thought to what it is in it for you, we have the $3/month tier. 

Did you know we have over 14,000 followers here on Facebook for the Sanctuary. Just think what a difference we could make if even 25% of you supported us at this level!!

Feeling Extra Generous?

Outside of our lower tier options you can:

Sponsor A Dane: $50/month

This pays for their food and enrichment time and activities!

You’ll get a video each month on what your dog has been up to for the month, along with photos throughout the month of your dog and the other Sanctuary pack members!

For this tier you get:

  • Monthly updates on your dane and hear what they have been up to
  • Break out the vetting, food, and other needs that your dog has
  • Monthly videos
  • Learn about the enrichment our sanctuary team has been doing
  • Yearly gift on the adoption date

Sponsor the Sanctuary: $150/month

We know this is a lot, but honestly, we need you! We need the support of those who can give generously to donate monthly to ensure that our Sanctuary is being taken care of. This comes in forms of vetting, enrichment for the dogs, but also a healthy working life for our Sanctuary crew. We need things like cleaning supplies, toilet paper, ear plugs, etc. We can’t pay our team much, but we value the importance of a healthy work life and our team counts on ongoing larger funds to get there!

For this tier you get:

  • Monthly updates on each Sanctuary Dane 
  • Get to know each of our Sanctuary Team members
  • Get behind the scenes access to the happenings at the Dane Sanctuary 
  • Sanctuary project updates – there is always something going on there!
  • Receive a bio for any new Sanctuary Dane we may take in
  • Receive a yearly top tier gift on adoption date
  • and More…

So, that’s my speel and thank you if you’ve made it all the way to the end of this.  We love you guys so much and know we wouldn’t be here without you!!

Find us on Patreon below!

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