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While we have our danes available for adoption, we have many behind the scenes!

Keep your eye on who we have coming for adoption soon.


Ayla has been with us since August! She’s a 3 year old blue Great Dane who is more anxious than most and is still learning what other dogs are all about. She is working on muzzle training so we can introduce her to more dogs, safely.

She is hesitant of new people, but when she loves, she loves hard! She wants to follow you everywhere and to never be left alone.

We continue getting to know her and hope she’s available to adopt soon!


Zoey girl is 6 years old and currently suffering from an ACL tear of sorts and need surgery. She’s a great dog with so much love!! She has had her surgery and large mass removed! She’s officially available for adoption!

You can get your applications in now as we have her posted!