While we have our danes available for adoption, we have many behind the scenes!

Keep your eye on who we have coming for adoption soon.


Ayla has been with us since August! She’s a 3 year old blue Great Dane who is more anxious than most and is still learning what other dogs are all about. She is working on muzzle training so we can introduce her to more dogs, safely.

She is hesitant of new people, but when she loves, she loves hard! She wants to follow you everywhere and to never be left alone.

We continue getting to know her and hope she’s available to adopt soon!


Zeus is our senior boy! He’s been enjoying lazy days and snuggles with his humans. He needs to be in a home without kiddos, and prefers a calm and quite home. No one wants to be bothered when they’re resting all day!

We are still learning all about Zeus!


Gordy is our special needs pup who has blown our mind! He’s 7 months and well over 100lbs, and not all dane, but we love him anyways! He’s currently being seen by many vets and specialist to figure out his hind end issue. It’s still being decided if it’s an ortho issue, or congenital issue.

He’s really great all around, but don’t fall too hard in love with this boy, he might already have a home lined up!


Oh Benny Boop, where do we start! Benny is just over a year old and the best boy! He came to use with intense GI issues that we’ve been troubleshooting and he’s doing so good! He’s in a foster to adopt home so he won’t be available for adoption but we couldn’t help but share his cuteness! He’s already gained almost 30lbs since he came to us in September.


Zoey girl is 6 years old and currently suffering from an ACL tear of sorts and need surgery. She’s a great dog with so much love!! As soon as her surgery is complete she’ll be available for adoption! You can get your applications in soon!


Mr.Benjen has been with us about a month! He’s 3 years old, a loving boy but is extremely reserved and guarded around new things and strangers. We are still learning about his tempermanet but at this time what we do know, is that he need patience, he’s good with other dogs, and won’t be able to be homed with children.

Stay tuned as we get to know more about Benjen!


Maple girl is a 5 year old beautiful brindle! She is extremely well mannered, eager to please, and your typical velcro dane. At this point she is not able to live with other dogs, but has said to do OK out and about. We’ve only had her a week or so, so we are definitely getting to know her.

Stay tuned for more information about Maple!

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