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GDROMN Rescue Program on Pause

We are heartbroken to have to make this announcement.

If you are one of our followers, you are likely very aware that we have been in severe need of funds to support our rescue and sanctuary dogs.

We have been so thankful to everyone who has been able to assist us recently, whether it be via donations, word of mouth or a simple share of our social media posts. We could not have made it this far without you.

After careful review and many heartfelt discussions with our Board of Directors and Staff we have made the incredibly difficult decision to pause all efforts on the rescue side of our organization.

There have always been two branches of our organization – The Rescue and The Sanctuary.

When we created The Dane Sanctuary we made the promise to all of the dogs in our care and their owners that we would provide a safe place for them to live for the rest of their days.

At this time we are seriously struggling to fulfill that promise due to the amount of funds and time we are having to spend on The Rescue side of things. So, this time we need to direct all of our financial flow and staffing focus to the dogs we do have, and to the Sanctuary.

As of late the dogs that have come into The Rescue have required immense vetting, training fees, surgeries, etc. That, on top of The Sanctuary expenses, has caused our bank account to continue to overdraft and our Board of Directors have paid thousands out of their own pockets to keep both parts of our organization afloat.

Effective immediately we will be shutting down Intake and taking our Surrender Form off of our website. We will continue to provide support in the way of guidance and advice to anyone who reaches out to us.

We will also continue to support the dogs who are in foster care and are actively searching for their forever homes. We promise to stand by them and do everything in our power to help them find their forever home.

There may come a time where we can look into branching back into The Rescue side of things but we need to get to a point where The Sanctuary has everything it needs and a cushion of funds sitting in savings. Until then, we are going to work our tails off to make sure The Sanctuary and our dogs who reside there get our attention.

We have a laundry list of projects and enhancements we are hoping to make at The Sanctuary and we are excited to share those plans with you soon.

Until then, any and all donations are greatly appreciated to help us continue vetting and training the dogs we do have in our rescue program. We still have about $8,000 worth of vetting and training that needs to be done!

Thank you so much for your support ❤

Feel free to share with other Great Dane Lovers!