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Meg- Vice President & Sanctuary Coordinator

A Sanctuary for unadoptable Great Danes was a dream of husband and I for years.

Working in rescue, I saw so many of these beautiful dogs euthanized for reasons that did not warrant death.

Old dogs whose mind and love of life had not diminished, but they couldn’t control that bladder any longer.

Or dogs with one bite that was not their fault, but because of our litigious society, could no longer be accepted into rescue and adopted.

We knew we couldn’t save them all, but we were sure willing to save as many as we could.

So, when the opportunity came to help create just such a sanctuary, I jumped at the chance. I’d assumed it would be on our own property, but we weren’t able to do that at the time and the property in Siren was generously donated to us by Ann Heinrich, the co-founder, so I couldn’t say no.

It’s been both a happy and sad journey the past five years. So rewarding to see dozens of dogs saved from certain death when they still had so much life. But, depressing to know the numbers we can’t save simply because we don’t have the capacity.

It takes a little piece of my heart every time we have to turn someone down due to space limitations.

Meg, Co-Founder of the Great Dane Sanctuary

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