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Karla- President

I started to volunteer with the Great Dane Rescue of MN and WI, in the summer of 2015, became the Fosters and Adoptions Coordinator in 2017, and became the Vice President/ Co-Director in 2018, and President/Director in 2021!

I’m in my early 30’s and got Cash, my first Great Dane when I was 27. I had spent my time searching for a Great Dane for years, and was hoping to adopt but ended up getting my dog from a nasty breeder and man that changed my life. It was great to “grow up” with my Great Dane as he brought me so many challenges that have lead me to where I’m at now.

Upon getting Cash, and having terrible experiences with so many rescues, I decided that I needed to get more involved and help give people better experiences than I had.

I spend most of my free time doing rescue things. I am the Foster and Adoptions Coordinator and while most think it’s too much to take on, I really enjoy doing all the things and being in both roles.

This gives me the opportunity to seek foster homes that need to fit the background of the dog we are taking in. Once they are in our rescue program I can follow up with the foster to see if he behavioral challenges hold true to what we were told, or if they were easily resolved with the structure and the guidance that we give.

Knowing the background of the dogs, along with how far they have come in rescue, really helps paint the picture of the dogs needs in an adoptive home which is what I then seek to find.

Putting all of those pieces together to add a Great Dane to a family, and give a family to a Great Dane is truly where my passion lies. I love, love, love putting these dogs in successful homes.

Outside of the rescue organization we have the Great Dane Sanctuary which really has my heart. Knowing that these dogs are living their lives thanks to our program is truly amazing.

The fulfillment that the rescue has brought me has been life changing. I spent my 20’s trying to find my place in life, and had a lack of passion for anything really. Cash changed all of that. Rescue changed all of that.

Now, I have a purpose. And I wouldn’t change that for the world.


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