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Stephanie- Intake Coordinator

9 years old.

That’s how old I was when I learned about Great Danes in dog breed book my Grandmother had bought for my birthday.

That is when I knew Great Danes would be a part of my life. 

My first Dane, Howard came into mine and fiancé, Russell’s life as a 3 year old retired from the show ring. He was my heart dog. He was so in tune with my feelings. If I was sick he would make himself sick. If I was stressed he would immediately respond to comfort me. He acted as a support dog for our Rottweiler mix, Maxx who has separation anxiety. He was truly the most amazing dog and we miss him every day. 

After he passed away it was only a few days before we realized we had a Great Dane size hole in our home. 

About a month later we were made aware of a 1 year old male in the need of a home. He had already been in 3 homes during his 1 year of life.

Gryffindor came home to us terrified of the world, especially of men, with zero training. He was a challenge but a challenge that has taught us so much. 

Today, Gryffindor is a social butterfly. He can be found at nearly every rescue event as one of our Ambassador Danes and has the most amazing personality. 

Shortly after adopting Gryffindor we became heavily involved with the rescue. First through volunteering, then as fosters and now I am the Intake Coordinator and on the Board of Directors. 

Our household now consists of Maxx, our 9 year old Rottie mix, Gryffindor, our 4 year old Brindle Dane and Earl Gray, our 1.5 year old Blue Foster Fail. We also actively have fosters in our home as well.

My Fiancé didn’t grow up with dogs but is now a proud Dog Dad and is on board with anything I take on when it pertains to rescue.

Being involved with GDROMN  is incredibly satisfying but also heartbreaking.

The tough cases that we are unable to help are the toughest but we do everything we can to provide any resources we can to encourage a happy ending.

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be involved with this amazing breed and organization.

-Stephanie Hyser

If your in need of surrendering your dane, considering rehoming, or just need some guidance, you can reach Stephanie via email at: