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Great Dane Friendly Rentals

Thinking you’re needing to surrender your dane because you can’t find Great Dane friendly rentals or housing? Or maybe you’re just here looking for additional resources as you’re searching for a place to live with your dane. I understand the battle. I personally have gone from apartment to my parents, to a townhome back to my parents, to an apartment and again back to my parents.

The struggle is real.

Weight restrictions? Danes are out. Breed restrictions? Usually Danes are out. Height restrictions? Yes, it’s actually a thing and Great Danes are out.

I checked in with the Great Dane communities in Minnesota and Wisconsin to see where the Great Dane Friendly Rentals are at and compiled that list for you in map form!

Check it out!

You should be able to filter through MN or WI within the maps. You’ll see the name of the apartments or complex, along with their website and additional info. You can also expand the window and it will open up Google Maps!

Please note that this list is always being updated with new properties, however, as with all things sometimes policies change so please call the listing you’re interested in to verify they do indeed allow Great Dane just to be sure!

Property Management Companies

When it comes to rental properties, most are a small piece of a bigger company with strict company wide policies regarding pets and what's allowed. Here are a few companies who allow Great Danes across all of the properties they manage!

Feel free to share with other Great Dane Lovers!