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Kayla- Volunteer

I had wanted a Great Dane as long as I could remember. I was drawn to their size and regal calmness. A few weeks after my family put our old Lab to sleep, I received a call from a rescue at my place of work, and it turned out that they recently had a litter of Great Danes.

I knew that the timing was too perfect for it to be anything, but fate. I had followed the litter as soon as their first pictures were posted. I had fallen in love with Curtis before I had even known whether, or not I would be applying for him.

I got the approval of my family to submit the application, and I did the moment they opened. The phone chat went great, and I felt wonderful about the home visit. Then I got the call saying that I was first in line for my first choice puppy, and second in line for my next choice. I went to meet the foster family and the litter the first available time.

They brought the two puppies out that I was to decide between. I was 99% sure of who I would go with before even getting there, but my decision was solidified as soon as my puppy came to sit in my lap. It really is true that sometimes the dog chooses us.

It wasn’t until Curtis was around six, or so, months old that I really got to know Karla (foster and adoption coordinator). Anyone only needs to hang out with her once to be convinced to volunteer with the Great Dane Rescue of MN and WI.

I was so happy to be able to do what I could for the rescue. It started with me and Curtis just showing up at adoption events as ambassadors for the breed.

Then I got to go up to the sanctuary to help clean up for a day. The amount of care and love between Jazzy and the Danes up there would make anyone pour their heart into these dogs.

I tell people time and time again that I’ve grown up with, and been around dogs of all breeds my entire life. However, there is something completely different about having a Dane. There’s a stronger connection than I’ve felt with another animal that I have between me and Curtis. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s tall enough look into my eyes, but it’s definitely there.

I have learned so much from owning a Dane, and being involved in the wonderful local Dane community. I will forever be a loyal volunteer to this rescue, the sanctuary, and will continue to open my heart to Great Danes for the rest of my life.

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