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Arrived 4/22/2019

Rufus is one of our anxious buddies. He shows a lot of insecurities and anxiety with change. Stability is what he needs the most.

Rufus was rescued from a shelter but showed some significant aggression to men. His family loves him to pieces but couldn’t think of sending him back to a shelter only for him to cause issues with another family. His family knew he deserved a life to live and contacted us.

With the consistency that we offer, he’s been able to do well with the men who have worked in our kennel in the past, and also loves the ladies.

He is extremely food motivated, a total goof ball, and such a snuggler. Once you get to know Rufus, he will dive into your chest to be loved on and petted. If you choose not to pet him, he may decide to rub his butt on you instead.

This quirky guy is one of your favs! (ok ok, they all are our favs)

At the end of the day, Rufus is like most of our dogs.  Extremely loving, but takes awhile to warm up to new people and new dogs.

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