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Organization Responsibility re:Foster Homes

Organization Responsibility- Exhibit B

The Organization agrees to the following obligations:

  1. Pay the fees for necessary care (as agreed between the veterinary provider and the Organization) at the approved Vet Clinics- Listed here;
  2. If the Organization knows, to the best of the knowledge of the Organization, that, at the age of four months or older, the Foster Animal bit a person and broke that person’s skin, thus requiring a state-mandated bite quarantine, notify in writing the Foster Parent of such bite and obtain a signed acknowledgment from the Foster Parent that such information has been provided, and any such information is provided in any Addendum to this Foster Agreement; and
  3. Disclose any known health or behavioral issues of the Foster Animal to the Foster Parent, including, but not limited to, biting.
  4. Supply food to the Foster Parent for the Foster Animal, if requested by the Foster Parent OR if the Foster Parent is unable to do so;
  5. Provide the Foster Parent with information regarding Peer-to-Peer support groups on Facebook
  6. Notify the Foster Parent of any history of neglect and/or abuse, as well as any special care that may be required, and any unusual behaviors to be expected as a result of this neglect and/or abuse.  If the Foster Animal was surrendered to the Organization by a prior owner or finder, share the surrendering notes about the Foster Animal with the Foster Parent; and
  7. If the Foster Parent contacts the Organization with any questions or concerns relating to its obligations under this Agreement, respond to such questions or concerns within 48 hours.