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Arrived May 2021

Titan is about 2 years old and he came from another rescue out in NYC.

Titan is a shorter but thicker dude on farm with some anxiety that we’ve been working through. He was previously showing aggression towards humans in the shelter environment out in NY and even when he was given the chance to be adopted he wasn’t using proper manners and ended up with the the title all of our sanctuary doggos have “unadotpable”. 

It was pretty clear soon after his first introduction to the farm, that Titan had very little knowledge of dog-to-dog communications skills. Any time another dog would walk near him, Titan would shrivel down to the ground and bark with a high squeal at them, as if expecting them to attack.

Titan lacks self-confidence in himself and has zero trust in other dogs. He has definitely connected better with his human caretakers. 

After two months of learning how to interact and coexist with the other dogs, he is doing better, but he seemed to connect best with Stout and always hung out close to him. Once Stout was moved into the house, he has transferred that closeness and attached himself to Herc. 

Now Titan walks with pride and engages with play with Herc, and occasionally with other dogs, which is a huge achievement for him. He struggles meeting new people, but with time, love and space he will do great. Titan will come up to you when he is ready and once he can trust you, he will want nothing but love. 

We can see what the shelter and behavior team see in Titan, both his sweet and loving side, and his side of extreme untrust. He doesn’t take to change well, and really leans into people to make him believe the world is an ok place.

It’s ok Titan,  you’re here now and we’ll do our best to give you the best life.

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