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Arrived Jan 2022

Sapphire is 3 years old and drove all the way from New Jersey to be saved by our team!

She is fecal and urine incontinent due to a potential spine injury. She has had an MRI and routine vetting to show that not much can be done to help her.

Upon our board vote to take her in, we knew she had some mobility issues but didn’t realize the extent of her issue. With having hardwood floors and steps to get outside, it’s presented some challenges we weren’t expecting. Once she’s up, she does great, but getting her up can be a challenge.

If you remember, we recently lost Minnie, a sweet fawn puppy with a very similar issue. We think Minnie was Sapphire’s angel here and sent her to us for the best care, because Minnie knew our supporters would step up to provide for whatever this girl needs!

Sapphire could be adopted if someone was interested in caring for her extensive needs, but until then, she’s happy and safe here with us.

She loves visitors, pets, snuggles, and her toys!

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