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Arrived 8/12/2019

She has been the only female on the farm so we call her the queen bee. She’s so fun to have around, she’s spunky, sassy, and the first to grab your entire hand in hopes of getting a treat!

Iris made her way to us because she bit a little kiddo, a story we hear all too often at the Sanctuary and in rescue. Unfortunately the family couldn’t keep her with the bite history and she is not able to adopted because of it.

She is a tough girl and has no issues setting boundaries with the boys. She loves to be outside and will often bring you sticks. During winter she is usually the one who stays outside the longest, even when incredibly cold.

When everyone is in their kennels and barking, Iris will sit in her kennel quietly, but don’t let that fool you.  When outside and excited, Iris will bark and mouth your arm. This is purely excitement and has been a behavior we have been working to reduce for a long time.

Otherwise, she loves human attention and food.

Iris has recently moved out of the barn and into the house, as she was scheduled and recovering from surgery. She had recurring UTI’s that couldn’t be controlled with the routine remedy’s so she needed a vulvoplasty.

Since her surgery she’s been happy and healthy!

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